Mind adding an offer section?


It’d be nice if you could add an offer section so that way if someone finds something useful for Spearmint (like the full Q3Test 1.07 for instance), it can be offered here.
Also, your Q3 Bot Information topic has Information spelt Informaiton zturtleman.


Yeah, coltongit!
And since it seems you know much about all this Q3Test/demo thing, I would like to see a short report of your experiences while dealing with all this stuff and Spearmint.
Tell us what works, didn’t work, etc.
What to do, where to get everything thats needed, what do people need to know (warnings, hints, …), etc.
It’s always good if people with some insight into a specific topic share their thoughts .:grinning:
Open your personal topic/thread!
Anyways, well done :thumbsup:


I think Spearmint is a dream come true engine, & it’s leaps & bounds ahead of ioquake3. Spearmint is what ioquake3 should’ve been all along. The big, massive beast that is the best engine ever. id Tech 3 really does belong in this engine.


Seems like it would be better to just post those things in the ‘id Tech 3’ category unless we’re planning to host some kind of id Tech 3 archive here (which I’m not).

What specific things or types of things would you expect to have in an offer category aside from pre-release Q3 versions?

Also, preferably have some commentary as suggested by @KuehnhammerTobias not just a download link advertising something. cough I mean providing.