2 sides to the same shader conflict in either Q3TA or the Q3 DC mappack


It turns out in my DC mappack v2.11, there seems to be 2 sides to the same shader conflict between Q3TA and the mappack. Maybe implementing a selective shader system could fix this issue. As in, if you use a certain map, one shader could be used instead of another for that texture. The examples here are dc_map24 & mptourney2. They each use the same shader, but look different. This system in Spearmint would fix this issue. It also happens in the original Sega DC mappack.


You could rename the shader in the dc_map24.bsp and the shader file.


I’ll try that & see if that fixes anything. EDIT: It also seems dc_map08 also uses it, and possibly a few others.


If you have grep command installed you can unzip the pk3 and then run grep -ri "shader/name" directory/with/bsps to see what BSPs reference the shader. Leave off “textures/” from the beginning of shader name.

This works nice for checking for maps that contain buttons (func_button) and stuff too.


Where do you get that? And what is it for anyway? Cygwin?


It’s a unix program for searching files. Yeah, you can install it Cygwin setup program.


Okay. I might as well if I don’t have it already. EDIT: I already have it. Running command…
EDIT2: Okay, hopefully that fixes all the shader issues I’ve been having with those maps.
EDIT3: I had to hexedit the fixes into the bsp files, otherwise they wouldn’t load up because of some random bsp version…