Turns out forcesidesvisible fixes (or at least makes almost unnoticeable) the stuck in RA room issue


I like using the original DC music @KuehnhammerTobias. I don’t think the maps are even the same without them. Anyways, thank you.


cough I meant remove it because of potential licence issues! Just a warning, though, maybe I’m wrong.


There’s only a potential that such a situation is happening with that music. Only under that circumstance will I remove that music. Also, I realized dc_map01’s levelshot might need a do-over. In the new levelshot, you might notice the glass is a deep blue-green. @zturtleman fixed it with the latest commit of Spearmint. v2.1’s out already. It will include said fixed levelshot. Means this mappack up above is v2.0.


If there is a situation where licensing is affected, than it is not important what you will or want. In such a case you HAVE TO remove the affected files that are under copyright issues. You have to care about the copyright situation! :neutral_face:


That’s what I meant with only under that circumstance, @KuehnhammerTobias.
Anyways, v2.1 is online at the link above. It fixes a minor issue with the dc_map01 levelshot. The glass in the enclosures that would hold the holograms in the PC q3dm0 has now been fixed in the levelshot. They were a dark blue-green, now they’re clear like they’re supposed to be. It also includes a changelog for those interested.
The link for v2.1 is up where the link for v2.0 is.
I also forgot that there was a problem with dc_map01 where Crash won’t get the 5 Health in the SG room. v2.11’s up as well. This problem (& others) should be fixed in v2.11. Updated the changelog to account for this.
EDIT: They got the 5 health, but they didn’t go for it as often. There is still a (possibly intentional?) bug in dc_map01 where Crash goes in a counter-clockwise square pattern in one spot on the floor near the PG to wait for the armor shards on the pathway. And I also noticed there is 2 sides to the same shader conflict. I take it out, mptourney2 uses the DC jumppad. I put it back in, dc_map24 (and possibly other maps) use the TA jumppad.