Supporting other q3 based games


First things first, this engine is brilliant, breaths new life into quake and me and my pals are loving the splitscreen/ gamepad support, i’m just wondering if there is any plans to support any other q3 engine based games such as xonotic or nexquiz?


I’m not currently working on porting any games to Spearmint. I had planned to in the past but I’ve kind of lost interest. A lot of work was done towards running Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, World of Padman, and other games. Xonotic and Nexuiz are based on the DarkPlaces engine (Quake 1) so I haven’t consider porting them.


Thats interesting, so do those games work or were they never completed. If so have they got joypad support even in the menu and splitscreen?

Its great that you decided to include those this engine because most fps game developers on pc just wont entertain it and its a shame because theres more and more pcs being brought down from offices and bedrooms to be used by the family and friends on the big screen.


The other games aren’t playable. I worked on the engine side of things such as content support (level, model, material formats and features) and engine features required for the game logic. The actual game logic for the games haven’t been ported.


Shame. Well hopefully one day you’ll find some inspiration and manage to finish porting those games, until then i’ll just stick with quake 3. Thanks again for your hard work and have a good christmas.


Nice to see your back working on it. :grin:


Yep, still plugging away. Though still not working on porting games over.