Spearmint issue tracker disabled


I’ve disabled the issue tracker because it’s not used as one. I generally only created issues for stuff I planned to do, not actual issues. I don’t like it being a request list either. Also, having the main repo page just show “Issues (66)” etc always bothered me as most are for enhancement – not that the engine is broken as hell.

Raw dump of Google code (ioq3ztm) and Github (spearmint) issues via Github API: http://clover.moe/spearmint-issues.zip


This means this forum should now be used for Spearmint bugs, requests, etc. Also, shouldn’t there be subforums to make this forum not so cluttery @zturtleman?


Yeah, “bugs” can be posted under Spearmint -> Support. Requests suggestions and ideas can be posted in general Spearmint category. Categories are “sub-forums”. They can be browsed specifically too.


That’s sad! :cry:
@zturtleman: I hope you still work on the things you planned to do! Nevertheless, thanks for everything what you have brought us!


Thanks for possibly the greatest Q3A engine ever @zturtleman!


uh, I didn’t realize it was a big deal. I turned it back on.


Well, after people know they should post their suggestions, questions, and personal thoughts here, they probably and hopefully won’t longer abuse the issue tracker anymore.
Indeed, the issue tracker of my own project is also full of ‘requests’ and ‘enhancements’ not really issues… would be cool to have more than the ‘issues’ tracker and ‘pull requests’ tab on Github,…
Nevertheless, Thanks, Zack! :thumbsup: