Programming three team CTF


oh yeah we’re so great. how should we celebrate our holidays?

Too much ego and not really inclusive of all people present. :confused:

I don’t have ideas of what we could do as an event.


Me neither. I feel the same way actually, that’s why I popped the question. :confused:


I was taking a break from this project, in the meantime I’ll go upload what I changed & we’ll see what the heck’s wrong with it now, if anything. (That is, once I’m done with a model pack, basically a collection of model skins, used or unused, will now be full out models complete with CTF skins. (I like Wrack’s CTF skin the most for some reason). EDIT: I’ve finished with it now, but Slammer, Stroggo, Stripe, & a bunch of others might need new CTF skins (human skin isn’t blue).


I just uploaded the latest files, @KuehnhammerTobias. ai_dmq3.c doesn’t seem to be compilable right now, & I’m not sure why.


above zturtleman alread said:

gametype == GT_CTF && gametype == GT_3WCTF
This is always false. Gametype cannot be two values at once. Use or (||) instead of and (&&).