Programming three team CTF


I don’t think that’s avoidable when you’ve got three teams, @KuehnhammerTobias. If it is, then you’re welcome to put whatever it is it should actually be in there. Otherwise it’s gonna have to stay like that.


Of course, it’s your project, it’s your decision!


Maybe I’ll make a side mod where baseq3 uses Q3TA’s “Prepare your team!” sound when beginning TDM/CTF matches while I’m at it then… missionpack will still work fine, it too will use it when starting a TDM match.

gametype == GT_CTF && gametype == GT_3WCTF

This is always false. Gametype cannot be two values at once. Use or (||) instead of and (&&).

gametype != GT_CTF && GT_3WCTF

GT_3WCTF is not compared to gametype and is non zero so it has no effect. The statement will be true when gametype is GT_3WCTF which is not your intent.

	eventParm = ( otherTeam == TEAM_RED ) ? GTS_REDTEAM_TOOK_LEAD; 
	eventParm = ( otherTeam == TEAM_BLUE ) ? GTS_BLUETEAM_TOOK_LEAD; 
	eventParm = ( otherTeam == TEAM_GREEN ) ? GTS_GREENTEAM_TOOK_LEAD;

This should use else if. (I have no idea if the your original code actually works)

if ( otherTeam == TEAM_RED )
else if ( otherTeam == TEAM_BLUE )
else if ( otherTeam == TEAM_GREEN )


Thanks for giving me suggestions to the code @zturtleman. Also, in ai_main.c, in line 261, empty area is misspelled. Is it supposed to be that way for legacy Q3 versions (like the demo/demotest)?


No, it is not spelled wrong. This is for colored text, in this case default(white)/red. Assuming you are concerned about the \r^1remtpy SOLID text.
So it’s spelled correct.


kk. emtpy -> empty


Sorry, my bad, thought coltongit meant the ^ character.
coltongit: nice catch, read it 100 times but didn’t notice!

Hmm, I wonder if it is worth to fix more places where something is spelled wrong or missing characters.
I can extract all strings, so they are easier to check.
But I need a (native) english speaking Person, because for example I can’t even translate:
%s: Runt packet\n
in cl_main.c/CL_PacketEvent, what is runt? No translater can translate ‘Runt’ into German, so I don’t know if this is right or wrong.

or what does this mean (sv_client.c):
ioquake3: 'Try removing setu cvars from your config.\n’
Spearmint: 'Try removing setu%s cvars from your config.\n’
Isn’t here a p missing?

Anyways maybe I will place all strings here, and every american or english speaker can check one line?


Maybe I’ll go ahead & make a model pack with skins that were previously attached to a model (for example, Wrack, Phobos, Slammer, Stroggo, etc.) Apparently even Xaero has a Stroggo skin so that might be fun to play against as well. I would love to see the Q3R skins ready to play too… I’ve got them if you need them…


Maybe there IS no equivalent of ‘runt’ in German, @KuehnhammerTobias.


Okay, but can you explain, in other words, what ‘runt’ is?
Is it an animal from outer space? A new programming language?
What’s your native language? What is ‘runt’ in your language?


In English, it means “youngest child/other animal in the litter”. Also, I’m currently making a chatfile for the Santa model from QL, so this oughta be interesting…


:laughing: Honestly?


Yep. That’s what it means in English, @KuehnhammerTobias.


Okay thanks than! Though, I don’t understand %s: Runt packet\n in CL_PacketEvent than. If you an American, what do you think, does this message make sense, to you?


I’m a Canadian, but we make sense of it in the same way. So yes, in that case, it would be the smallest packet.


Smallest animal in the litter, not youngest.

In the case of “runt packet”, runt means “too small” or “undersized” or “less than acceptable size”. I read runt packet and runt frame are mentioned in the Ethernet protocol definition.

“setu” is a Q3 command that can create user info cvars. It makes sense that the error for user info string being too longer would mention the command. Though, it could also be a mod’s fault.

Spearmint references commands that do not exist for splitscreen players, such as setu2 for second player. I should probably add those…


Best to go ahead & add those, @zturtleman.


Thank you guys, what would this world be without Americans/Canadians? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


We certainly are the best, aren’t we? With both Canada Day & Independence Day on the horizon, what should we plan to do?