Is it possible to give Brandon his eye & hat shaders back?


According to models.shader, Brandon had an eye shader & a hat glow shader (the model itself is present in pak2.pk3). The texture used for the eye shader still exists among the game files (braneye.tga to be exact). Also, Brandon’s hat had a shader as well, most likely to have his hat glow (Spearmint uses a dummy texture, but I think a custom texture made out of braneye should allow the shader to actually work).


Wasn’t this part of issue 175?


It only mitigates the issue, doesn’t fix it, because it crept back up for me. I’ll see what I can do to fix it once and for all, which may be to fix the models.shader present in the original Q3A files.


There is nothing to fix, it’s a data issue, you only need to make a shader if you want…


I’m fixing the issue anyway…


I fixed the hat shader issue on my end. Just needs the eye shader fixed now. That will involve editing the Brandon’s head model to include the original h_eye.


My intention is just to make Brandon look the same as in Quake 3.


It’s your call on what you want to do with him, @zturtleman. I however, like what his eye shader was supposed to be. Just need to figure out where the eye sits & make that transparent, thus giving the eye glow a chance to be used. I’m doing the same for the hat glow as well.


I’ve finished with the textures (needed to readdress the shaders to branface2/branhat2). braneye.glow.tga will be the same texture as braneye.tga. branhat.glow.tga was a scaled version of braneye.tga.