Found a bug with Spearmint


This bug exists in ioq3 & classic Q3 as well. The bug is as follows:

  1. Start a TDM on any map (I used q3dm7)
  2. Have at least one person on both teams (I tested with at least 4 bots on Blue & 1 on Red)
  3. Have everyone on your team kill the only bot on Red (might also happen with just one teammate, untested however)
  4. If you didn’t give these teammates a new order, after a while, “ERROR: PlayerName: player name out of range” or similar will occur. Bug happens on Q3 1.32c & possibly even the original source code has this bug. Unknown if the bug happens on earlier versions of Q3. Mind fixing this (& the stuck in RA room q3dm7 issue) before Spearmint 0.4 if possible @zturtleman? Thanks in advance.


This is now fixed in