Currently implementing the Q3 demotest UI (along with the load/save config menus)


I’ve got the cvar already ready, it’s called “ui_demoq3test” & it will include the menu text featured in the demotest as well as the load/save config menus. Otherwise, it will function similarly to the demo. Also, an option to load the demo ending cutscene was also implemented. I know other things need to be done before it will look exactly like the original, but I think this may help make it take shape cosmetically & functionally. Just how are you supposed to make menu options disappear using a cvar anyway? Mind helping me out here anyone?

if ( trap_Cvar_VariableIntegerValue( "ui_demoq3test" ) == 0 ) {
    Menu_AddItem( &, &s_serveroptions.hostname );


Hmm. Thank you, I’ll upload my modified files onto a branch which will be used for a pull request. Don’t make ANY commits until this is done. Onto the baseq3 UI at least.


Here’s the repo, @zturtleman:
I hope it’s going okay so far. I may have missed a few files but I’m getting there. The demotest blurb should also be showing OK now as well. Hopefully load/save config menus work fine in the demo test as well.


Anyone tested this work on my repo yet? Did you test it a little, @KuehnhammerTobias? I don’t want to infect my Spearmint with stuff like this just yet, that’s why I’ve released the repo.