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Hi zturtleman!

Yea, the Team Arena issue needs to include the files to work on TA (the test builds like spearmint-0.4-20170215 and spearmint-0.4-20170217). You’ll add them when this test build be completed? If this will be in a long time, can you add soon if is possible please? :grinning:

In the case of the downsampling 2k/4k you are right! the render are the problem. OpenGL is more limited in this way that DirectX and Vulkan. Is very sad, legacy OpenGL is a render that I apreciate a lot.

Well, I hope that you can fix/expand the comatibility of the render in the future. And of course, I’ll sharing more details if I found more.

See ya!


Well, I’ve probed the Doom 4 in OpenGL 4.5 mode and the downsampling in 4K works perfect.

It seems be the OpenGL 1.0 to OpenGL 2.1 not support downsampling.

So, a little question zturtleman?

What version of OpenGL uses the render of your source port?

I mean, not the OpenGL 1 render, I’m talking about the OpenGL 2 render of the Spearmint.

I’m waiting your comments, see ya!


Well well well, I’ve found a solution for the 4k/2k downsampling… hahaha

I told you that I’m going to test more modern OpenGL games (like Doom 4 in OpenGL 4.5 mode).

So, like I’ve said in the prior post, Doom 4 in OpenGL 4.5 mode works perfectly with downsample resolutions.

The next game to test: Rage, that uses OpenGL 3.2. Well, the results:

The same problem. So, I begun to think that it’s a problem with OpenGL, but, is very strange that Rage, a game from the 2011 year have the same problem.

So, trying to finding a solution to rage, I’ve found this: “Right click the Rage.exe - properties - compatibility tab - check the box for disable display scaling for high dpi settings”

…and that’s is! Rage now can downsampling without problems!

The next step was trying the same solution on Q3 Spearmint, and look for yourself…!AkWq1oczfEQG8lTQJDayFE7T6Nh0

NOTE: If you look the FPS count, in OpenGL 2 mode the frames drop to the half (from 75 to 33), so, I think that the engine needs a lot of optimization for now. But I know that’s is a very hard work to do. And take a lot of time, much time :relieved:

So, finally I’ve found the downsampling solution! :grin: :grinning:

I think that is a mixed problem with Windows 10 and older OpenGL renders.

But now we got it! And we can enjoy this great game (and all the older OpenGL games) in 4K.

See ya dudes!


I think that upsampling and downsampling could be implemented using extensions for OpenGL 1.5 (or 1.1 without multisampling anti-aliasing). It’s is not automatically done in any OpenGL version. It’s an application feature. I hadn’t heard of downsampling being a common thing until you brought it up.

Oh… high DPI mode, so Windows is scaling the game. Well I guess UHD -> HD is actually low DPI? but then it doesn’t make sense why the game is too big. Anyway, ioquake3 and Spearmint use SDL to talk to Windows. SDL only supports DPI awareness on MacOS and iOS. It’s not simple to fix this.

Spearmint 0.4’s opengl2 renderer uses OpenGL 1 to OpenGL 4.5. The test build opengl2 renderer use OpenGL 2 to OpenGL 4.5.


Sure! downsampling is a technique to take a “fake” antialiasing without activating this. The meaning is simple:
You can raise the resolution to big one (2k/4k), then shrink it into a small monitor (1920x1080 for example).
So, the result are incredible, ultra shiny textures, free antialiasing that have less impact in the FPS, and that is!
Downsampling is a way to have AA without activate it.
Is very similar to the Supersampling, but the last one have a lot more impact on FPS performance.

If you combine the downsampling with any AA feature, the result are awesome.

Is very interesting knowing that OpenGL have all this features from 1.1 to 4.5, is nice to learn a little more with spearmint forum, hehehe.

So, let me resuming all the points that I’ve mentioned in this post:

  1. Antialiasing don’t apply to the 3D objets in the HUD (in OpenGL 2 mode): Not solved yet
  2. LIT dont apply to the weapon HUD: Fixed in the last test build 0.4-20170217 (can you make LIT the 3D Head from HUD too?)
  3. SkyBox/Seam of the Cube Maps translucents: Founded a solution (r_arb_seamless_cube_map to 1)
  4. In OpenGL 2 mode, the lights moves like a 2D sprite billboard into the mirror of Q3DM0: Not solved yet
  5. Team Arena menu not implemented yet into the latest build: Not solved yet
  6. Downsampling: Founded a solution (disabling DPI scaling from .exe on Windows)
  7. Performance FPS in OpenGL 2 render: Needs a lot of progress

So, there is, let me know if you want more details from any point that I mentioned.



New test build for Windows with Team Arena support.

Note: Unlike the previous test builds, this is a full release package. It does not need to be mixed with previous Spearmint versions.

2 World lighting for Head HUD might be added eventually.
3 Cube map seams are not related to skybox.
4 If you’re talking about the light flare right above the mirror, it is a 2D sprite billboard in both renderers. Set r_showtris to 1 to see the triangles. Set r_flares cvar to 0 to disable it.
5 Include Team Arena support: Done

Spearmint includes a customized version of ioquake3’s opengl2 renderer. Please test the ioquake3 test build and report it’s opengl2 issues at ioquake3’s issue tracker. That way the opengl2 maintainer will see them, maybe fix them, and then I’ll merge the fixes into Spearmint.


Thanks a lot for your great effort. I’ll test ioquake.

See ya! :sunglasses: