Brainworks bot mod


ZTM, can you please make this bot mod compatible with the Spearmint?
For me thoose bots plays also pretty nice. It has source code and released already version.
Brainworks includes:
Sound and visual awareness system
Randomized dodging in battles
Avoidance of incoming missiles
Improved enemy aiming
Goal and score-based selection of item pickups
Timing of item respawns
Dynamic weapon selection (based on weapon accuracy)
Redesigned internal goal selection
Redesigned internal aim selection
Redesigned Teamplay logic
Rewritten chat code
Redesigned internal logic infrastructure


It’s unlikely I’ll port this. I haven’t ever actually tried the mod though.


You should try it, because thoose bots acts more like real ones.


@ZaRR Can you summarize what you like most with the Brainworks mod?
I’m still interested to enhance the current bot AI, but NOT with integrating or supporting the Brainworks mod.
On the other hand it would be nice to hear what a good bot means to you.
Just some notes about Brainworks mod: don’t forget that a lot of code was written to hack away some AI bugs inside the engine, which was not released those days. This and a few other things (e.g.: badly designed code) drops the framerate drastically! I bet, you already noticed this. Even with a low number of bots Brainworks becomes unplayable because of the frame drop. Additionally Brainworks has a few very ugly issues (bots become blind in some cases, can’t aim if the enemy is really near, they are blocking each other, etc.)
Don’t get me wrong, I was a big fan of the Brainworks mod, and I honor their work til today.
So probably we can achieve same bot behaviour for current idtech3/Spearmint AI but in a more modern style, because nowadays we have access to the engine (moreover in Spearmint most of the AI part moved from engine into game module …)
But for doing this, it would be nice to know what part of Brainworks you like. BTW; did you really test all the ‘features’ you mentioned above? I’m asking because if I remember correctly some of the features didn’t work correct at the time the Brainworks code was written!