Bot chatfile doesn't wanna work


I’m perplexed as to why this bot’s chatfile isn’t working. It’s a bot I’m making for a port of the Santa model from QL to Q3A. It’d be fun to see him rock & roll. [offtopic] And P.S. the bots on bot_challenge 1 are almost impossible to beat! Jeezus they’re hard![/offtopic]
Link for the Santa botfiles:!1xEBQTZL!QhijqF6vAYZPOCA3wnhrfxqEYovMwv3ulJvUz_YD-O0


because of the wrong chat message in “death_insult”.
Use your colored text for avoiding such errors while typing chat messages.
Your console reports the incorrect line number!


Oh, okay. I’ll see what I can do to fix it, then. Thanks for the feedback @KuehnhammerTobias.
Anyways, this is what I’ve got for death_insult:
type "death_insult" //insult initiated when the bot died { "Nope, no one's getting any presents from me this year."; "Where's all the ", food, "?" I wanna give someone a pie in the face for that kill..."; } //end type
EDIT: I just figured out that other quotation mark next to the question mark near the food stuff in the blurb probably made that happen. I’ll report back if it does.


Untested, but I think here it is:


Thats’s why I choose a good IDE, I don’t know if Notepad will Highlight text?


That’s exactly what I did to fix it. P.S. Notepad++ has a built in IDE anyways, & that’s what I use for programming.


[offtopic]Satan’s an anagram of Santa.[/offtopic]


I meant if you can make it so that keywords are drawn in different Color. Is this the case you will notice earlier that something is wrong. The ‘for’ is written in blue for example…


In Notepad++ it does. In plain old Notepad… nope.


Well than, good to know for the next time, isn’t it?


If you say so, then…


Welp, that did it. Santa’s on the loose…